Happy 2016!

Hello everybody, happy 2016. I took time off for the holidays, but I am back. What better way to start the year than with a Desktop calendar? Super easy, let’s start.

List of supplies:

2 double sides 12×12 sheets of paper.

3/4 yard of 1/4 inch ribbon (color matching the paper you select)

Distress color ink, sponge dabber, eyelets,nail file,glue stick,double size foam tape.

Hole puncher.

calendar 2016, I got mine at Taylored Expressions.

2 coasters. I got mine at Amazon.com  “50 plain white square coasters”

2016 calendar supplies

Step 1:

A)Glue the coasters to one side of the paper. B) cut to size with the scissors and round the corners,C) attach the paper to the other side of the coasters,again round the borders of the papers to the coasters shape.


glue paper to coaster


cut paper to coaster round corner shape C

attach paper to other side of coaster


Step 2

A) With the nail file, distress all around the coaster, on both sides.B) Color with distress ink using a piece of sponge or a sponge dabber.C) Attach the calendar to the coaster with double sided foam tape.


Adistress paper using nail file


distress ink on borders of coaster

Cattach calendar to coaster

Step 3


A) With a hole puncher make 2 holes separate 3 inches from each other,B) you can add eyelets if you have a “Crop-A-Dile” but if you do not have one, just C) thread the ribbon through the holes.

punch holes on coaster




And you are done! I attached to my finished calendar a bible verse but that is an extra that I added to mine. I added the verse as inspiration whenever I look at the calendar. See my final picture. Have Fun!!calendar with bible verse



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